Why are there no appointments available for clients to schedule?

If you don't see expected appointments on your Full Slate landing page or scheduling widget, there could could several reasons why:

  • Go to your Schedule tab and ensure your available hours are properly set. Available hours are in white, while unavailable hours are in gray. Use the 'Change hours' feature to change your availability. For more on this feature, see
  • Go to Setup > Services and ensure your services are not checked as "For internal use only". This setting makes the service unavailable to clients.
  • Go to Setup > Staff and ensure services are properly assigned to staff members.
  • Go to Setup > Appointment Times. If you've chosen to manually enter fixed start times, ensure you've chosen all the fixed start times you want for each service.
  • Go to Setup > Booking Rules and ensure the first two settings (how far in the future may clients book appointments, how much advance notice must clients give) are not the cause.
  • Go to Setup > Booking Rules, and review 'Do you want to limit total appointments per provider in any given day?' If you've selected anything other than 'Fill entire schedule', your appointment hours will be limited each day.

If you still can't determine what's going on, don't hesitate to contact us!

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