How is the deposit determined for more than one service?

You can choose to require clients to leave a deposit when they schedule appointments online. Deposits can be a fixed amount or a percentage of the price of the service.

If a client books more than one service on an appointment, Full Slate will still use the fixed deposit amount (i.e. we will not apply the fixed deposit amount to each service and add them up) and will calculate a percentage deposit using the cost of all the services selected by the client.

If one of the services selected by the client is not subject to a deposit, then payment on that service will be separately determined. For example, if a 20% deposit is your default requirement but one service is not subject to deposit or payment, then Full Slate will exclude that service in the deposit calculation. Likewise, if one service requires full payment at the time of booking, Full Slate will calculate the required payment as 100% of that service plus 20% of the remaining services.

If services selected by the client are subject to different deposit requirements, Full Slate will calculate the required deposit separately on each service or groups of services and charge the largest deposit calculated. For example, if a client schedules two services in a booking, one that requires a 25% deposit on a cost of $60 and the other that requires a $20 deposit, the resulting deposit will be $20 -- the greater of $60 times 25% ($15) and $20.

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