Can I use Full Slate on my iPad or Android tablet?

Absolutely. Full Slate will detect when you're accessing your account from a tablet and render the program in a format that's optimized for your device. You can access your schedule, book appointments, and find client information. Many businesses only use an iPad at work throughout the day.

Headsup: there are a few setup functions that are difficult to use on a tablet, such as reordering your services menu or changing your hours of availability. You'll want to perform these infrequent tasks when you're on a computer.

We recommend using the full "web" version of the software, accessible at
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    Can I set up the app on my tablet from my computer, or do I have to have click the above app through my tablet?

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    You'll need to be on your tablet to set up Full Slate on it. To get started, open up the browser on your tablet (generally Safari on an iPad and Chrome on an Android) and type "" into the address bar. Then bookmark this page for easy access.

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