How do I synchronize with Google Calendar?

Full Slate integrates with Google Calendar so you can make or change appointments in either application, and the other stays up-to-date with real-time, two-way sync. Full Slate will automatically refresh the sync approximately every ten minutes. Or you can keep your personal and professional calendars separate but still see everything in one place.

Please be aware that anytime two disparate programs are connected, such as Google Calendar and Full Slate, it's not possible to guarantee 100% accuracy. As a result, we recommend not fully relying on the Google Calendar sync to operate your business. The safest approach is to check your schedule directly on Full Slate, whether on the web or mobile.

To setup and manage synchronization with Google Calendar:

  1. Go to the ‘Schedule’ tab, click ‘More’ in the upper right above the calendar, and choose ‘Sync, import & export…’
  2. On the next screen, select ‘Synchronize Full Slate with an External Calendar’
  3. Click the ‘Add Connection’ button, make sure ‘Synchronize with Google Calendar’ is selected on the next screen, and click ‘OK’
  4. If you have multiple schedules in Full Slate, pick the one you want to sync
  5. Specify how you want data to flow between Full Slate and Google.
  6. Two-way sync – Make and change appointments in both apps. Note that this will clone all appointments/events and severing the connection later will not remove the clones from the other calendar. If you have already entered the same event in both apps, this may result in duplicates (we’ll try to link existing events, but matching is not fool proof).
  7. One-way sync from Google Calendar to Full Slate - Overlay events from Google calendar on your Full Slate schedule and automatically block clients from booking during those times. Note that you will not be able to modify events which originated in Google Calendar through Full Slate, and these blocks will be removed from your schedule if you later disconnect sync.
  8. One-way sync from Full Slate to Google Calendar - View appointments from Full Slate in Google calendar. If you want appointments from Full Slate to be a different color or to toggle them on/off, we recommend creating a new Google Calendar first under ‘My calendars’. Note that any changes you make to appointments in Google Calendar will not be reflected in Full Slate.
  9. Indicate the Google account associated with the Google Calendar. To connect to an account for the first time, choose ‘Other’ and then click ‘Connect to Google Calendar.’ When prompted, authorize Full Slate to access your account.
  10. Select the Google Calendar you want to sync with
  11. Click ‘OK’.

Please note you can only set up one connection on a Full Slate schedule / Google Calendar combo. This means that if you add a one-way connection from John's Full Slate staff schedule to John's "Work" Google calendar, a one-way connection cannot be added from John's "Work" Google Calendar to John's Full Slate staff schedule. But a one-way connection could be added to a different Google Calendar (including in the same Google account) so, for example, John's "Work2" Google Calendar could be used, and then John could view both calendars at the same time when viewing his Google Calendar.


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