How do I subscribe to another calendar in my Full Slate schedule?

You can overlay meetings or events on your schedule from any external calendar that publishes a webcal. Webcal is a standard protocol for accessing an iCalendar feed, and is supported by most web-enabled calendars. When you show as busy in the other calendar, Full Slate automatically makes these times unavailable to clients. (Note that any events which show you as free in an external calendar will not block time out on your Full Slate schedule.)

To setup and manage a subscription to an external calendar in Full Slate:

  • Go to the ‘Schedule’ tab, click ‘More’ in the upper right above the calendar, and choose ‘Sync, import & export…’
  • On the next screen, click the ‘Add Connection’ button.
  • Select ‘Subscribe to another external calendar’ and click ‘OK’
  • If you have multiple schedules in Full Slate, pick the one you want to sync
  • Copy and paste the public URL from the external calendar; it will start with ‘webcal’ and end in ‘ics.’ Hint: you can usually find a calendar’s URL under publishing settings.
  • Click ‘OK.’

Please be aware that anytime two disparate programs are connected, it's not possible to guarantee 100% accuracy. As a result, we recommend not fully relying on a sync or subscription to operate your business. The safest approach is to check your schedule directly on Full Slate, whether on the web or mobile.

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