How do I sell gift certificates?

You can sell gift certificates online using Full Slate. Clients can go to your landing page, choose an amount, pay via credit card, and then email or print a professional gift certificate for friends or family.

Note that you have to have client payments setup using Stripe, or PayPal to sell gift certificate online, and that their standard fees for credit card processing apply. Full Slate will not, however, charge any additional fees per order, and clients will continue to be able to redeem gift certificates sold through Full Slate even if you stop selling them (and no longer pay for the add-on).

Here’s how to set it up: First, go to Setup > Client Payments to enable credit card payments online. You can still sell gift certificates on your landing page even if you don’t want clients to be able to pay for appointments at the time of booking. Next, go to Setup > Gift Certificates and add whatever denominations you like. If you want to be notified when someone buys a gift certificate online, change the last option under Messages > Alerts.

When someone buys or receives a gift certificate, the voucher will be listed under the Sales tab and you’ll see an entry in the sidebar of Clients > Details noting the amount and redemption code.

If you accept payments at the time of booking, there’s a place to enter the redemption code on the booking form so clients can pay with a gift certificate online, and you can see the remaining balance under Sales and Clients > Details.

Please note that packages are part of Gifts & Packages (along with Packages), which costs $5/mo, but you can try Gifts & Packages free for 30 days. Even if you drop the Gifts & Packages add-on and stop selling certificates and packages through Full Slate, you will still be able to use the Sales tab to redeem any outstanding vouchers.

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    The gift certificates need to show if the purchaser added tips/gratuity to the total cost. Currently, they don't show added gratuity or if tax was included.

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    Hi Rob, thanks so much for your feedback, I will pass that along to the product team. We really appreciate it. If there's anything else we can help with, please reach out to support directly at

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