How do the various 'booking details' settings work?

Under Setup > Booking Details, you can customize what information is collected at the time of booking. Generally speaking, the easier it is for clients to fill out the form, the more likely they are to make appointments online. So try to keep the details short and simple.

Required Contact Info

By default, Full Slate asks for either a phone number or email address when clients book online; as long as they fill in one or the other, they can go ahead and book. If you'd rather, you can require both a phone number and email address.

Custom Booking Fields

Full Slate asks for first and last name plus contact information when a client schedules an appointment online. If you want to get additional information, you can add other fields to the booking form. Some common ones are predefined:

  • Address - If you perform services on location or have a mailing list, get the client's street address, city, state and ZIP code
  • Promotion Code - Make up an alpha-numeric code or keyword for a coupon or special offer and prompt the client to enter it here.
  • How'd You Hear? - Ask new clients how they learned about your business: word of mouth, internet search, online directory, banner ad, video ad, or other.
  • Email Opt-in - Get your clients' permission to send newsletters or special offers by email with this check box.
  • Notes - Let clients include special requests or a short note.

You can also create your own fields to the booking form. Just click 'Add field' and then choose a check box, multiple choice drop down, or free from text field. You can specify how the field should be labeled on the booking form, and what the choices should be in a drop down.

For example, a health care provider might add a check box for insurance. A dog groomer could add a dropdown for breed. A home improvement contractor could add a text box to describe the project.

If you make a field required, the client has to fill it out in order to complete the booking process. That's a good idea if you really need certain information before the appointment - like address if you perform services on location. But you wouldn't want to require something like a promotion code, because not every client will have one.

To change the order of these fields, click and drag them up or down to the order you want (please note this may not work on an iPad or other touchscreen device). To remove a field from your online booking form altogether, click the 'X' next to it.

The custom booking fields will be presented to clients when they self-book online, as well as on the appointment details slider on the Schedule tab when you book appointments internally. When booking an appointment internally, just click 'Show all fields' to display your custom fields, and note that the 'address' and 'birthday' fields can be completed on the client's profile under Clients > Details.

Note: Custom fields are not displayed for classes; rather, they are presented to clients only when they book services.

Optional Messages

If you like, you can add an optional message or special instructions on the booking form.

For example, a health care provider might tell first-time clients to arrive a few minutes early to fill out paperwork. Or a dog groomer may note that the pet will be ready 4-6 hours after drop-off. A home improvement contractor could assure clients that estimates are free.

The message can say whatever is appropriate for your business, or you can leave it blank.

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    Can we search via booking details? I want to find all doctor-referred clients.

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    Hello - The custom fields appears in the appointment details that slide open when you click on the calendar on the 'Schedule' tab. There's an export option under the 'More' menu on the 'Schedule' tab that includes any notes, but not the custom booking fields. I'll let the dev team know you'd like to see that added. Sorry - wish I had a better answer for you.

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