How can I avoid big gaps between appointments?

Want to minimize gaps and idle time on your schedule? Our ‘smart’ scheduling feature gives you the option to only show clients openings that are near other appointments on your schedule. It’s designed to give you additional control and present openings the same way you might if a customer called in to schedule.

The default is to maximize flexibility for clients and show openings throughout the day. You can choose to always display only those openings that are near other appointments. Or you can combine the two: minimize gaps within the next few days and maximize client flexibility for appointments that are further out.

More specifically...

The first option -- Maximize flexibility for clients and show openings throughout the day -- is the default and will show all openings that meet your other booking rules and availability.

The second option -- Minimize gaps and only show openings near other appointments -- will show all openings on a given day (per the first option above), but once there's an appointment in a given day, then only openings adjacent to that appointment will be presented. This creates a clustering effect where appointments will be added around any others on the books for that day.

The third option -- Minimize gaps but only for appointments booked within x days -- is a combination of the first and second options, in that it applies the second option for the next x days, as you define, and applies the first option after that. So use this if you want to give clients all possible openings further out, but want to cluster appointments closer during the next several days. This assumes it's less likely that near-term days will fill up if they haven't already.

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