Can my clients schedule appts for each of their children?

With Full Slate, parents can schedule appointments on behalf of each of their children.


Here are instructions you can provide to parents to book appointments for their children:

1. Register for a Full Slate account under your name (not your child's) at

2. Log in at to book an appointment.

3. Select the appointment you want and on the last page of the booking process, select 'Someone else' under the 'Name' field and create a record for your child. You can use the same email address and phone number under which you registered.

4. Next time you book an appointment for your child, you can select his/her name from the 'Name' dropdown on the last page of the booking process.


If a parent has already booked an appointment for their child in the parent's name, here's how you can establish a separate client record for the child so that the appointment is in the child's name:

1. Add a new client record for the child with the same email address and phone number as on the parent client record.

2. Change the appointment to include the child as the client in place of the parent.

If the parent registered for an account, they will still be able to log in and will now be able to see her appointments and her child's. If your client has an active login, she may have to log out and back in to see the updated appointment.
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