How do I book appointments internally?

Every appointment is associated with a date and time, one or more service, a provider, and a client. When you click to create a new appointment or edit an existing one, you'll see these details at the top of the screen.

You can change the date and time of an appointment by dragging it on the calendar or using the dropdowns. Likewise, you can select one or more services from the list and specify which provider the appointment is with. Note that when you select a service, the end time of the appointment is automatically adjusted to accommodate the length of the services selected; you can override this if you wish. Also, once you've selected a service, staff members who don't normally perform that particular service are grayed out, but you can still select them.

Recurring Appointments

If you want to make a standing appointment, simply change 'Recurs' from once to however often you like: every week, every other week, etc. Recurring appointments can go on indefinitely, or you check 'through' and set an end date.

You can even make an exception to a recurring appointment - like canceling or rescheduling one week - without disrupting the rest of the series. Just go to date and time you want to change (or cancel) and click to edit that appointment. When you save changes (or cancel) a recurring appointment, you'll be prompted to choose whether the change applies to all future occurrences, or just this one instance.

Sorry, there's not a way to add monthly recurrences, only weekly (weekly, every 2 weeks, every 3 weeks, etc).


When you make an appointment over the phone or in person, you can quickly search for a client by name, phone number or email address. Pause for a moment while you're typing in the 'Client' field and a list of all the matching records appears below. Select the client from the list, or click 'New' if you don't see the right one.

Clicking 'New' takes you to the 'Client' tab, where you can add contact information and other details for a new client. When you're done, click 'Save' to return to the 'Schedule' tab and finish booking the appointment. Tip: You can also add a new client without the round-trip to the 'Clients' tab by entering their name, phone number and email address separated by commas right in the Client field in the appointment details.

Clicking 'Details' on an existing client takes you to the 'Client' tab so you can verify or update contact information. If you make changes, click 'Save;' otherwise click back to the 'Schedule' tab to finish booking the appointment.


If you need to collect additional information when booking an appointment, you can add notes. This field is for internal use only and is not seen by clients. Note: Full Slate automatically tracks who entered the appointment and when, so there's no need to record that in the notes.

Save & Close

When you save an appointment, you have the opportunity to send the client a confirmation email. If you don't want to save your changes, click 'Close' instead. Note that 'Save' is grayed out if you haven't made any changes).


To remove an appointment from the calendar, click to see its details and then hit 'Cancel Appointment.' Don't worry if you hit cancel by accident; we'll double check with you before deleting an appointment from your schedule.

If you like, Full Slate can notify your client that their appointment has been canceled - just check the box that says 'Email client.' You can edit the template text and suggest alternative dates and times to reschedule.

Once an appointment is cancelled internally, it will no longer show on the calendar, however, the date, time, and service title for the cancelled appointment will show up in the client details in a strike-through format.

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