How do I add new message templates?

Under Messages > Templates, you can create your own templates for messages you anticipate sending often. For example, you might create a welcome mail or a holiday card for a personal touch.

To create a template, click ‘New’ and fill out the following information:

  • Name - Give your template a name that describes what it's for. Your clients don't see this name; it just shows under "Choose template" when you send a message.
  • Subject - Try to make the subject line brief, informative, and interesting so clients are sure to open your email.
  • Body - Write whatever message you like in the body of the email. You can change the font, color, sizing, etc. using the formatting toolbar at the top, as well as add links to webpages or switch to ‘Source Editing’ mode if you're comfortable with HTML.

When you're done, click 'Save.' To send clients a templated email, just go to the 'Clients' tab, click 'Send Message,' and choose a template from the dropdown. You always have the opportunity to make edits after you choose a template; any edits you make at this point only apply to that particular mailing and don't modify the template. If you want to make permanent changes to a template, you have to make them on the 'Messages' tab.

You can delete a template that you no longer use by clicking 'Remove.' Note that the standard message templates described above cannot be deleted.

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