Can I stop auto messages on events from Google Calendar?

With the two-way Google Calendar sync, the system will try to interpret an event coming in from Google as an appointment and thus will consider an attendee as a client. There are a few ways to keep this from happening.

First, when setting up the Google Calendar sync, you can check the box titled "Import new events as personal time". This will cause all events to sync into Full Slate as Personal events, in which case reminders and followup messages will not be sent. If you've already established a Google Calendar sync, let us know and we can establish this setting for all events synced from that point forward.

Alternatively, you can go to Messages > Automatic Messages and for the reminder and followup messages, select your specific services/classes on the "For" fields rather than "Any service" and "Any class". One downside on this, however, is that if you add new services or classes under Setup > Services, you'll need to go to Automatic Messages and select those services to receive reminders and followups.

A final option is to manually change events in Full Slate that come in from Google to Personal events (which are not subject to Automatic Messages), but of course that takes ongoing manual intervention.
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