How do I connect with my Yahoo calendar?

You can subscribe to a feed of your Full Slate appointments in Yahoo Calendar.  Here's how:
 - Go to the Schedule tab and click 'More' in the upper right corner
 - Select 'Sync, Import & Export' > ''View your Full Slate calendar in another application' and click 'OK'
 - Select the schedule you want to view and then copy the blue URL
 - Go to Yahoo Calendar and select Actions > Subscribe to Other Calendars
 - Paste the URL into the iCal URL field, choose a name for the calendar and click 'Continue'
You should now see your appointments in your Yahoo Calendar.  Please note that appointments may not show up in real time.  The frequency of updates is determined by Yahoo, not Full Slate.
Please be aware that anytime two disparate programs are connected, it's not possible to guarantee 100% accuracy. As a result, we recommend not fully relying on a sync or subscription to operate your business. The safest approach is to check your schedule directly on Full Slate, whether on the web or mobile.
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