How are my company details used in Full Slate?

The company details you establish under Setup > Company appear on your Full Slate landing page, where clients can go to make an appointment with your business.

Email Address

The email address you enter here will be displayed on your landing page, but more importantly, it will become your "reply to" email address for all emails sent to clients through Full Slate. So if a client replies to a reminder or confirmation email, you will receive the reply at this email address.


You can give the street address for your place of business or a mailing address if you perform services off site. This will generate a Google map so clients can easily find your business.

Multiple Locations

If you work at multiple locations, you can add them here. For more on multiple locations, please go here


You can upload your logo if you want it to appear on your landing page. Just click 'Choose' and then select an image on your computer. Once you upload your logo, you can adjust it to the size you want. Your logo will take the place of your business name at the top of your landing page.


You can include a brief description of your company, if you like, and format it just as you would in a Word document. You may want to say a word or two about your philosophy, the neighborhoods you serve, how long you've been in business, any accreditation you have, or your slogan. You'll describe each service that you offer on the next screen, so there's no need to do that here.

Time Zone

Entering your correct time zone is critical, as this is what will be used when syncing with other calendars. Further, if you let clients book from other time zones (you'll find this setting under Setup > Booking Details), it's important that your time zone be set accurately.

Currency and Country

The default currency is the United States dollar, but you can instead select from any major currency worldwide. Prices on your services will then be displayed in your local currency, and if you're using the client payments functionality, charges will be made in your currency. Also, by setting your home country, the system will know to add your international code to SMS reminders to clients.

Business Hours

When you enter your business hours during the setup process, it will set the availability for any staff members to match that. If you add more staff members, the default availability for these staff members will be what is listed here as well. If you change the availability under Company, then the availability will also change. Once you've made changes to the availability on the Schedule tab from the default and you then change the company hours, it should not change your availability.  

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