How do I invite staff to log into my Full Slate account?

You can allow other staff to sign into Full Slate and control what information and settings each staff member has access to.

Access Levels

Full Access: By default, the user who signs up the business has full access to all settings and data. Your business always has to have at least one staff member with full access, but you can give others full access too if you want to share responsibility for maintaining the business's account. Full access includes all staff schedules, clients, messages, web tools, business details, services, staff, booking options, and billing information.

All Schedules: If you want someone to be able to make appointments for other staff members but don't want them to be able to change settings, give them access to 'all schedules.' This access level is appropriate for a receptionist or front office coordinator who manages the appointment book. This access level allows them to contact clients as necessary.

Own Schedule: If you want someone to be able to manage their hours and appointments but nothing else, choose 'own schedule.' They won't be able to see other peoples' schedules or a full list of clients.

Cannot Make Changes: On both the 'All Schedules' and 'Own Schedule' access levels, you can also choose to restrict the ability for the staff to make any changes. They can access the Schedule tab (and see all staff schedules if they have 'All Schedules' access and only their own schedule if they have 'Own Schedule' access) but they won't be able to modify or book appointments. They can also access the Clients > Details tab to view individual client records, but they cannot edit or add client information.

Access to Client Information

Users with the 'all schedules' and 'own schedule' roles do not have access to the full client list under Clients > List and thereby do not have the ability to export your client list. But they do have access to individual client records under Clients > Details so that they can schedule appointments. There's not a way within the application to designate clients to a specific staff member.

So if it's critical that certain staff members not be able to see client contact information, you should not invite them to use Full Slate. Instead, you could consider syncing their Full Slate schedule to a Google Calendar that you've shared with them. That way they'd have visibility into their real-time schedule (including client names but not contact information) and, if you set it up as a two-way sync, could even modify and schedule appointments.

Send Invitation

After you pick an access level, click 'send invitation' to email a special link so staff can create a password and sign in. Note: You won't see the 'send invitation' link unless you answer 'Yes' to allow access.

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    Janette Wallman

    Hi - great options, we'd also love to see an option where all schedules are visible but the staff member is only able to make changes to their own. Please consider! -Thanks

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    Hi Janette, thanks so much for your feedback, I will pass that along to the team. Thanks, Josh

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    Any progress on Janette's suggestion? This would be very valuable.

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    Hi Michael - I'll pass that feedback along again so when/if we make changes to staff access settings, we'll take a look at the suggestion. Thanks!

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