How do I set up the QuickBooks sync?

To establish a connection to QuickBooks from your Full Slate account:

1. Go to Setup > QuickBooks Sync.

2. Click the "Connect to QuickBooks" button.

3. In the resulting window, enter your user ID and password to sign into your Intuit account.

4. If you do not have an account for Intuit Online Services, you must create one first and set up Intuit Sync Manager before connecting to Full Slate.

5. After you sign in, choose which company you would like to connect to and click "Continue".

6. On the next screen, authorize Intuit to share your data with Full Slate.

The initial sync may take a few minutes to complete, depending on the number of client records. By default, Full Slate will automatically sync with QuickBooks when you first log in to your schedule. You can also refresh your client list manually by clicking the “Synchronize now” button under Setup > QuickBooks Sync in Full Slate. The last time sync completed appears under Setup > QuickBooks Sync, as well, along with any pending modifications, updates rejected by QuickBooks, or errors encountered by Full Slate.

Please note there is no additional cost to connect to QuickBooks Online.


QuickBooks Desktop (will not sync after 3/1/16 due to the Sync Manager being deprecated by Intuit, more on that here)

Full Slate does not officially support syncing with Quickbooks Desktop, though the client contact sync may work for 2009 versions or higher (US only, PC only). The Intuit Sync Manager (which connects QuickBooks on your desktop to Intuit Online Services) is sometimes prone to breaking. If Full Slate is reporting that sync was successful, but you do not see records created (or updated) in one system in the other, it’s most likely because even though Full Slate talking to Intuit Online Services, Intuit Online Services cannot talk to your desktop. Intuit provides a variety of resources for resolving problems with Intuit Sync Manager:

If you have an Intuit Connected Service or an active subscription to a QuickBooks support plan, you can call Intuit at 1-800-450-8475 for assistance, free of charge. Otherwise, please contact and we'll assist you as best we can.


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