Can I send SMS reminders to clients?

In addition to email reminders, you can choose to send automatic text message reminders to clients. To set this up, go to Messages > Automatic Messages, click 'Add message' and select 'Appointment reminder' and then select the 'SMS (Text Message)' template.
When using the SMS reminder feature, it's important to note that you must comply with the "Text message compliance" section of the Full Slate Terms of Use at Specifically, you must only send SMS reminders to clients who have provided written consent. When clients self-book online, they can check the "Text reminders via SMS" box, which is considered written consent. Alternatively, if you have received written consent from a client, you can opt them in by checking the "SMS reminder consent" box under Clients > Details. Clients must check the box each time they self-book online unless they first log into a registered account during booking.
Some other things to note:
  • We do not offer SMS confirmations to clients immediately following the booking
  • SMS reminders are not available for classes
  • There is no additional cost for SMS reminders, it is included in your Full Slate subscription
  • Clients can text "STOP" to 36070 to stop receiving SMS reminders, and they can text "START" to start receiving them again
  • Full Slate does not limit how many characters can be added to your SMS template, but text messages are limited to 160 characters. If you have more than 160 characters, the text message might be broken up into two or the additional characters lost
  • If you do not want a client to receive SMS reminders, you can add an override for an individual client by checking off "No SMS" in their client record
  • SMS reminders sent to clients in the US will come from our shortcode (36070)
  • Replies to the SMS reminder are not captured and forwarded to the business, so you may want to include a phone number in your SMS reminder template for them to contact you or make it clear the text does not allow replies or is automated
  • You can only send one SMS reminder per appointment
  • If you're using automatic message overrides under Messages > Automatic Messages, please see the important note at this help page regarding the potential impact on SMS reminders.
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