How do I add the widget to my ABMP or ASCP website?

To add online scheduling to your ABMP/ASCP website:

1. Go to or and login with member credentials;

2. Once logged-in, click the 'Create/edit website' link on the upper right side of the page;

3. On the 'Manage Website' page, click 'Enter ABMP Website Builder' or 'Enter ASCP Website Builder';

4. On the 'Manage Pages' page, click the 'Hours and Scheduling' page;

5. Go to your Full Slate account and copy the widget code found under Web > Widget (we recommend trying the javascript widget first);

6. Find the box labeled 'online scheduling module' near the middle of the page and paste the widget code directly into this box;

7. Once the code is pasted, click the 'Save and Publish' button at the bottom of the page; and

8. Click the 'View Website' button on the left side of the page to preview the widget.
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    I'll try it
    All in the morning. Again thanks for all the help.

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    Hi Joby, sorry for the delay in reply here. If there's ever anything we can help with, don't hesitate to reach out to the team at Thanks, Josh

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