How do I set up my menu of services?

Under Setup > Services, list the different services and classes that your business offers, including all those that you want clients to be able to schedule online. Click 'Add service' for one-on-one appointments or 'Add class' for group sessions with multiple clients. To edit or remove an entry, simply click on it again. Once you've created your services and classes, you can drag them up and down or into categories to organize the list.


If you want the price to show up in the menu that clients see, enter it here. You can leave it blank if you don't want the price listed, or type "0" if you want it to say "Free."


This is how long the appointment lasts in hours and/or minutes. Enter the amount of time you actually spend with the client performing this service or in class. You'll be able to add setup and cleanup time below, so you don't need to factor them in here.

Setup & Cleanup Times

If you want to build in a buffer between appointments or classes, click to add setup/cleanup time. This will automatically block extra time before and/or after this service or class, so clients can't schedule back-to-back.

We generally recommend using cleanup times only; that makes it easy to avoid large gaps between appointments when the cleanup time for one appointment is added to the setup time for the next appointment.

For example, say you have a service that takes an hour, plus 30 minutes to setup and 30 minutes to cleanup. If you're available starting at 9am, the first start time Full Slate would offer to clients is 9:30. That gives you a half hour to setup from 9-9:30. Afterward, another half hour would be reserved for cleanup so whatever is next couldn't start until after 11am. If you provide services on location, you can also use setup and cleanup to factor in drive time before and after an appointment.

Note that setup and cleanup time don't appear on the 'Schedule' tab; they just leave a gap between appointments. You (or your staff) can override these settings if you want and book back-to-back appointments, but Full Slate builds in the buffer when clients self-schedule online or when you click 'New appointment' above the calendar.


You can provide a short description for each service and class, which will display right on your menu of services.


You can provide additional details about each service or class that you offer. This field will display after the client clicks on the service. If you didn't list a specific price, you may want to give a range or some parameters here.

Internal Use Only

Check this box if you DO NOT want clients to be able to self-schedule this service or class online. Only staff can schedule services marked as 'for internal use only.'



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