How do I navigate my schedule?

The 'Schedule' tab is like a digital appointment book. You can view a single day, weekdays (Monday through Friday) or a whole week at a time. You can quickly jump to a particular date by clicking in the mini-month or by using the forward and back arrows above the calendar.

You can use the arrow keys on your keyboard to move around in your Full Slate schedule. If you want to go forward in time on the Schedule tab, use your “right” arrow. If you want to go back in time, use your “left” arrow. If you’re on the week or weekday view, you’ll move to the next week, and if you’re on the day view, you’ll move to the next day. So no need to point your cursor at the small arrows above the calendar, which is especially handy when you want to arrow forward or backward many weeks.

White shows when a staff member works, and time off is shaded gray. You can select which staff schedules are shown using the check boxes and links on the left. To see each staff member in it's own column, click 'More' above the right hand corner of the schedule and then check 'Separate Columns'.

To create a new appointment, simply click and drag on the calendar. You can move or reschedule appointments this way too. To cancel an existing appointment, make changes or see more details, click on it.

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