How can I set alerts for other staff members?

Do other staff members sometimes schedule appointments on your behalf? You can be alerted via email and text message when your colleagues book an appointment on your schedule. If you're an administrator or schedule manager though, you might want to be alerted when new appointments are scheduled with 'Any staff'.

To set this up, go to Setup > Staff, click on the staff member you'd like to be alerted for other staff members, go to "Alert options," then check off "Copy on alerts to other staff members." Note: All appointment changes will be sent to you if you check off "Copy on alerts to other staff members" even if the other staff are not set up to receive alerts.

Be forewarned though, that could lead to a lot of email or text messages. Note: Even if you limit alerts to 'Just me,' you'll still be able to see all new appointments for any staff members on the 'Home' tab.

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