How do I manage my calendar connections?

Full Slate periodically refreshes external calendars automatically. If a recent change isn’t reflected on your schedule yet, you can manually refresh by clicking ‘More' > 'Sync Now’.

You can review or make changes to your synchronization settings by going to the ‘Schedule’ tab, clicking ‘More > ‘Sync, import & export…’ and choosing ‘Synchronize Full Slate with an external calendar. The next screen summarizes your current calendar connections, and you can remove a connection by clicking the trash can icon.

Note that removing two-way sync with a Google Calendar will not remove appointments that have already been copied from one to the other. However, removing a one-way, inbound connection from Google or another external calendar will erase those blocks from your schedule in Full Slate.

Also, please note that if you remove a two-way Google Calendar sync or a one-way sync from Google Calendar to Full Slate, and then re-establish the sync, events there were previously synced will no longer sync if updated but new events added after re-establishing the sync will be in sync.

Please be aware that anytime two disparate programs are connected, it's not possible to guarantee 100% accuracy. As a result, we recommend not fully relying on a sync or subscription to operate your business. The safest approach is to check your schedule directly on Full Slate, whether on the web or mobile.

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