I'm not receiving my SMS alerts, what's wrong?

Some providers treat short codes differently than regular numbers, so here are measures you can take if you’re on one of the following and not receiving alerts (or your clients can take if they’re not receiving SMS reminders):

T-Mobile — By default, T-Mobile does not enable receipt of SMS’s from short codes, so contact T-Mobile and ask them to enable the receipt of SMS’s from short codes.

Sprint — Sprint will sometimes block short codes, so text “allow 36070″ to the number “9999″. You should then receive a response indicating you can now receive SMS’s from our short code.

Google Voice — Google Voice does not support the receipt of SMS’s from short codes, so you’ll need to use your actual mobile number for alerts from Full Slate. Please update your number under Account > My Profile and Setup > Staff.

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    Jun Liang

    Please address Verizon. I'm not getting an SMS address from them despite being set up properly at Full Slate.

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    Lilian Dacanay

    Are there any known limitations with AT&T? I've started my trial account today (Feb 9 2015) and the text alerting function seems to be the only function that is not straightforward with Full Slate. If a business has to advise their clients to work with their carriers to allow short code this would be a show stopper.

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    Hi Jun-I just reached out to you directly. Under Setup > Staff next to your phone number you just need to change that to "Each appointment change" to be notified by text message each time a client books online. If any further questions, please use the "Support" link in your account or email us directly at Thanks!

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    Hi Lilian-We are not aware of any limitations from AT&T. You can add your phone number under Setup > Staff and choose "Each appointment change" to get an alert as soon as a client books online.

    In particular cases, it's possible for a carrier to not accept shortcode messages unless the customer agrees, but this only applies some of the time. Most customers might already be receiving these, so only if it's not working for them would they need to contact their carrier to ask them to allow it. If you have any further questions, please use the "Support" link in your Full Slate account or email us directly at Welcome to the family Lilian!

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