How do I embed scheduling into my website?

Widgets are little, stand-alone applications that can be embedded in your website. You'll find the widget code under Web > Widget.

Full Slate's widget lets clients make appointments right on your website instead of going to your Full Slate landing page. All you need to do is copy and paste the code provided into the webpage where you want the widget to appear - just like a slideshow, video or poll. There are two types of code, but both widgets work the same.


If you're embedding the code yourself, try the iframe widget first. It's compatible with most website builders, blogs and social media sites. You can manually control its width and height, as well as the style, color and font set on the 'Look & Feel' tab.


If you're giving the code to a web designer or developer, they may prefer the Javascript version. It automatically adopts the style of your website by using CSS; that's why and adjusts size to fit the content (that's why there's no preview or height and width controls). But not all do-it-yourself website builders or third-party sites accept javascript, so it may not work everywhere.

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