Why is my Facebook application not working?

If your Full Slate application on Facebook isn't working properly, please check your browser settings to see if you block third-party cookies. If you do, change the setting so that you do not block third-party cookies; you should be able to change this back after successfully installing the scheduling application on your Facebook page.
After you do this, you may need to remove the old version and start over.
To delete the 'Schedule Now' application from Facebook, follow these steps:
- On Facebook, go to Manage > Edit Page > Apps while on your Facebook page and click the 'x' to the right of the Full Slate application.
- On Full Slate, go to 'Account' in the upper-right corner and click 'Linked Accounts'. Delete the application by clicking the red circle to the right of the Facebook application.
Now, go to Web > Facebook in your Full Slate account and follow the instructions to re-add Full Slate scheduling to your Facebook page.
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