How do I set up my staff in Full Slate?

You can coordinate multiple schedules in Full Slate. If you have other staff or work out of different locations, go to Setup > Staff and click 'Add provider' to create separate schedules. When you're finished making changes to a staff record, click 'Save.'

Email & SMS

Enter the email address and mobile number where you want this staff member to get alerts and information about their schedule. They'll also use this email address to log into Full Slate.

Note: In order for staff members to be able to access their schedules, you'll need to send an invitation to each.


Check off all the services performed by this staff member. When clients book appointments online, they'll be able to choose from all the people that perform a given service or narrow it down to their favorite provider.


You'll be able to change the days and times that each staff member works on the 'Schedule' tab after setup. For instructions on how to 'Edit hours' please see here


If you have multiple locations, be sure to establish which location this staff will work out of. If they will work at more than one location, you'll need to create a separate staff record for each one.

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