Can I sync my client contact info with QuickBooks?

You can connect QuickBooks and Full Slate to sync your clients’ contact information.

With the QuickBooks sync, your client list is shared, so clients created in Full Slate appear in QuickBooks and vice versa. All contact info – including name, email, phone, address and notes – is exchanged and synchronized.

Sync is available for all users of QuickBooks Online. You may also be able to connect with QuickBooks Desktop for Windows 2009 or later (US only) though we don't officially support the sync with desktop versions of QuickBooks. The sync does not work for QuickBooks for Mac (Desktop).

Please note there is no additional cost to connect to QuickBooks Online or Desktop.

Before setting up the QuickBooks sync, it's a good idea to back up your client information just in case there's a problem. To do this, go to Clients > List and click the export icon; this will create an Excel file with your client data. Please note that if you had a QuickBooks sync in place previously, and you reestablish it, if there is a conflict between a QuickBooks client record and a Full Slate client record, the QuickBooks version will trump the Full Slate version.

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