How do I set up automatic email messages?

Full Slate lets you automate a lot of routine communication with your clients. You can use appointment history and upcoming appointments to trigger timely, relevant messages that improve customer service and drive repeat business.

To setup an automatic message, go to 'Automatic Messages' under 'Messages' and click 'Add message.' Then choose the type of message to send, when to send it, and which template to use.

Appointment Reminder

Email reminders about upcoming appointments have been shown to reduce no-shows by 35% on average. By default, Full Slate sends one reminder 24 hours before each appointment. You can change the timing to have reminders sent the day of instead, or add another reminder several days or weeks ahead of time.

The standard Appointment Reminder template just states the date and time of the appointment; you can include additional information like driving directions, information about parking or your cancellation policy, by making edits on the 'Templates' tab under 'Messages'.

Appointment Follow-up

Sending a quick note after each appointment is a good way to thank clients and encourage them to schedule again or review your business. You can use the standard Thank You template or create your own custom one on the 'Templates' tab. Depending on the timeframe chosen, the system will automatically send out the email based on the client's last appointment date.

If you mark an appointment as "No Show", as described here, follow-up messages will not be sent for that appointment.

Birthday greeting or offer

Just enter a birthday in 'Client Details,' and Full Slate can automatically send your client an e-card, right on time. If you like, you can include a special offer or discount by modifying the template.

Connect with past clients

Reaching out to clients who you haven't seen in a while can be an effective way to drive repeat business. Consider offering an incentive, like a coupon, to encourage lapsed clients to make another appointment. Again, depending on the timeframe chosen, the system will automatically send out an email based on the client's last appointment date.

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