Can I offer coupons or discounts?

Sorry, we don't currently offer a coupon or discount feature.
It's possible to add a "promotion code" field to the booking form (under Setup > Booking Details) so clients can enter a keyword to help you track marketing initiatives, but it doesn't automatically apply a discount.
There are some workarounds you might consider. For example, some businesses create a service named "New Client Special" with a lower price.
Or you might try the Gift Certificates & Packages add-on; it costs $5/mo extra and enables clients to buy and redeem gift certificates and packages online. You could create individual vouchers to apply a discount. For more on Gifts & Packages, please see the Gifts & Packages help section.
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    I use packages to get around the fact that there is not a working promo/discount option.

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    Hi Felicia, sorry for delay in reply here, I will pass your suggestion along to the product team for consideration. Thanks so much for letting us know how Full Slate could work better for your business. If you need anything else, please reach out directly to our team at -Josh

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    Agatha Liepa

    It would be such a useful tool to be able to apply discounts!
    Are you considering adding that function?

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    Hi Agatha-Josh here today. Yes, this is definitely that is something on our wish list. I'll let the team know you'd like to see a discounts feature. If you need anything else, please reach out directly to our team at Thanks!

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