What information is in 'account'?

My Profile

The information associated with your profile doesn't appear on any landing page and isn't made available to clients. It's used by Full Slate to communicate with you about your schedule and your account.

Name - This how we greet you when you log in; if you want clients to see something else - like a nickname - change your staff profile.

Phone - If you want to receive SMS (or text message) alerts on your cell phone, enter that number here and mark it as 'Mobile.'

Email - This is where Full Slate sends alerts and information about your schedule; it's also the email address you use to log in.

Address - This is your mailing address (we send cards on occasion). It can be different from your place of business.

Password - Passwords have to be at least four character long, and can contain any combination of letters, numbers or symbols that you choose; you can change it anytime.

Billing Info

Billing Info is only visible to account administrators. It shows the payment details and billing history of an account

Payment Details

Your account type shows the name and price of your current scheduling subscription. When your free trial ends, your account is automatically rolled over to the appropriate plan. Likewise, your account is automatically upgraded if you surpass the number of staff members included in a plan. If you would like to downgrade to a lower plan, please email

Billing History

You can find printable invoices under billing history, as well as a record of all payments received and any credits.

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