How do I import appointments from another calendar?

When you first set up your account, you can import appointments from another calendar. Importing appointments means that you load the events into Full Slate; this is not an ongoing synchronization or subscription, but rather a one-time upload.

The best approach is to export your appointments from the other calendar into a CSV file and then format the file using the headers in the import template below. The import template also shows what format the data should be in, including the date/time fields.

Before you import appointments, be sure to first import your client list -- and ensure the client name in the appointment file matches what you imported into your client list so that the system knows what client record to match against. Generally if you export both your client list and appointment file from the same program, these records will match up.

To import your appointment file, go to Schedule > More > Sync, Import & Export > Import Appointments.

If you have any troubles with the appointment import, feel free to send us your appointment export file in CSV (or Excel) format and we'll take a look.

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