What do the check-boxes at the bottom of Booking Details mean?

Those check-boxes give you an array of different options, take a look below for the details on each.

1. Allow clients to like your business on Facebook after booking

You can give clients the option to "like" your landing page after they complete the booking process. If they do, this will show up on their Facebook news feed so their friends will see they like booking online with your business. This setting is checked by default.

2. Show the provider during client booking

During the booking process, the client can see the name of the staff member or provider they are booking with. If you'd like to make their name "invisible" or it's not important who the client schedules with, then you can un-check this option. This setting is checked by default.

3. Only allow clients to select a single service when booking an appointment

If you select this option, it doesn't allow a client to book a service with add-ons (services without a duration associated with them). This setting is unchecked by default.

4. Give clients the option to "schedule another appointment like this one"

If you'd like to give your clients to option to schedule another appointment after they have booked one, then leave this checked. We try to encourage and make it easy for your clients to schedule multiple appointments in a row online. If this doesn't work for your business, then you can un-check this option. This setting is checked by default.

5. Allow clients to redeem gift certificates online

If you use our gift certificates feature, and would like the ability for gift certificates to be redeemed online, then leave this box checked. If you'd just like to be able to sell them (but not offer online redemption) then un-check this option. This setting is checked by default.


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