Can I transfer my clients & appointments from another scheduler?

Yes, if you can get your client and appointment data from your other scheduler in electronic form, then you should be able to load it into Full Slate without having to manually enter the information.

Your scheduler should provide a way to download or export your client list and your appointment list (Full Slate makes this easy for you to do in the event you ever leave us...but we'll work hard to ensure you don't!). If you can't find this in the software, contact the provider and ask them for the files.

It's best if the files are in CSV or Excel format because you can then manipulate the files into a format that allows importing into Full Slate.

Important:  Import your client list first and then your appointment list. That way when you import your appointment list, the system should match the client on each appointment to an existing client record. As long as the client name on the appointment record is the same as an existing client record (and they should be if the two files were exported from the same system), then they should match up.

For instructions about importing your client file, please go here.

For instructions about importing your appointment file, please click here.

Importing clients and appointments can be tricky, so if you have any questions, please consider scheduling a session with a setup coach here or contacting our support team by clicking the 'support' link in the upper-right corner of your account.

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