How do I get existing appointments into Full Slate?

A key step when you first start using Full Slate is to update your schedule to reflect existing appointments. This ensures clients are not able to book at times when you're already busy. There are several ways you can load your existing appointments into Full Slate:


If you are transferring from another scheduler, you should be able to obtain your appointments in electronic form and import them into Full Slate. For instructions, click here.

Synchronization & Subscription

If you currently maintain your schedule in Google Calendar or another online calendar, you might consider setting up a sync or subscription to the other calendar. This will block out time on your Full Slate schedule to ensure you are not double-booked.

If you use Google Calendar, then you can establish a one-way (Google to Full Slate) or two-way sync. For instructions, click here.

If you use another online calendar, you may be able to set up a subscription to it in Full Slate. For instructions, click here.

Please note that when you establish a sync or subscription, appointment times will be blocked off on your Full Slate schedule, but they will not be entered into Full Slate as appointments. As a result, automatic messages, such as reminders, will not be sent for these appointments. If it's important for reminders (and perhaps followup messages) to be sent via Full Slate, then you'll want to enter the appointments manually (per below).

Manual Entry

If you maintain your schedule in a paper appointment book, then you'll need to manually enter your appointments into Full Slate. This can be time-consuming, but you may find it to be worth your time because you can then fully transition to Full Slate (and put that paper calendar away!) and ensure that reminders immediately start going to all clients.

If you don't have the time to manually enter all your appointments, you can run Full Slate and your paper calendar in parallel for a while. Just be sure to block out the next two to four weeks in Full Slate so you do not get double bookings. You can do this using the 'edit hours' feature on the Schedule tab, as described here.

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