How do I get started using Full Slate?

Thank you for signing up with Full Slate!  It's the easiest, most-convenient way to fill your appointment book. We've designed the software to be intuitive and even fun to use, but it can still be tough to know where to start. Here's a guide to getting started with Full Slate.

1. Setup wizard

When you first sign up, you'll be presented with a simple 'setup wizard' where you can enter basic information about your company, services and staff. There's no need to be comprehensive here as you can always edit or add to this information later.

Company - Enter your basic business information here. It's critical that you select your local time zone to ensure there are no issues later. For more on company details, some of which you can enter after you complete the setup wizard under Setup > Company, can be found here.

Services - Enter your menu of services here. For details, click here.

Staff - If you have other employees, add them here. For details, click here

2. Establish your business settings

Full Slate offers many ways to control how openings are presented to clients.

You'll find custom booking fields, booking workflow and other settings under Setup > Booking Details, as described here.

And you'll find booking window, accept/decline and other settings under Setup > Booking Rules, as described here.

3. Set your hours of availability

It's important to ensure your hours of availability are set so that clients can only book with you when you're available. Each employee in your business can have different hours. This is done right on the Schedule tab using the 'Change Hours' feature, which is described here.

4. Load your client list

If your client list is in electronic form, you should be able to import it into Full Slate. Instructions can be found here.

If you do not have an electronic client list, you can manually enter clients under Clients > Details. However, it may be more efficient to let your clients populate your client list for you. When they book online, they will enter their name, phone and email (you can require that they enter all of this information under Setup > Booking Details), so this is a great way to build your client list.

Transferring from another scheduler? This page provides some great tips.

5. Load your existing appointments

To ensure you do not get double-bookings when clients schedule online, it's important to load your existing appointments, or at least block out the time. You'll find great instructions for this here.

Transferring from another scheduler? This page provides some great tips.

6. Format your scheduling pages

The business settings described in item 2 above will define much about how your clients schedule online with you. Here are ways to format your scheduling pages:

  • Customize the look and feel of your landing page (and iframe widget if you're using this) under Web > Look and Feel. You can change the style, color, size and font here.
  • Add your logo and business description under Setup > Company. Anything you add under the Description field will show at the top of the first scheduling page.
  • Add instructions that appear just before and just after clients book under Setup > Booking Details.

7. Add scheduling to your website and Facebook page

Woohoo! Now you're ready for the fun part:  adding online scheduling to your website and Facebook page.

There are several ways you can add scheduling to your website, including using a booking button, a javascript widget and an iframe widget. You'll find great instructions for all these options here.

And you can easily add scheduling to your Facebook business page, using the instructions here.


Don't worry, we're here to help. Soon after signing up with Full Slate, you'll likely hear from your Setup Coach, who is available to answer any questions you have. You can even schedule a setup session with a coach by clicking here.

Or contact our support team anytime by clicking the 'help' link in the upper-right corner of your account!

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