Can clients leave a tip when paying online?

Yes! You can let clients add a tip to their payment when booking online. Full Slate's online payment feature lets you accept payments from clients when they book appointments online. With this functionality, they can add a tip to the price of the service and the combined cost will be charged to their credit card.

The tip option will only be presented to clients when they pay for the appointment in full. Also, if you use Paypal Checkout Express, tips will only work if you require clients to pay online (i.e. it will not work if payment by clients is optional). 

Your clients can then relax when attending their appointment with no worries about payment.

To enable tips, simply check the "Accept tips" box under Setup > Client Payments.

Please note that when tips are enabled, clients will also be able to add a tip when buying gift certificates online if you use Stripe, or Paypal Payflow (but not if you use Paypal Checkout Express).

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    I had a customer purchase two gift certificates for the first time and ran into a terrible problem with this. The client added a tip, but the tip doesn't show up for the purchaser, the recipient or me when I checked the sales tab. I had to manually check with Sripe (my credit card processor) to see how much they actually left in tips. This is a huge problem that needs to be fixed.

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    Thanks for the feedback Rob. We've asked the development team to show tips on the Sales tab and on the gift certificates themselves.

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