Can I customize the vouchers clients receive?

Currently, there is not a way to customize the look & feel of the gift certificate or voucher that clients receive. However, it will include your business name, your landing page URL where clients can go to schedule appointments, and other important details, such as the redemption code that clients need to book online. 


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    I really want to fully integrate I really do. But GiftCardCafe (also using Stripe) has a better setup! I can sell "services" not "dollar amounts" Its much better for the merchant. Instead of a $50 credit, I can sell a whole $70 "Massage Session"
    Until FullSlate offers this option I can't go all the way and have my packages and gift certificates sold through their app. One way to improve on GCC's setup would be to allow customization of the gift certificates and pictures along with each service.

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    Hi Amy-Thanks so much for your feedback on how we can make our Gifts & Packages feature more robust and customizable. I will pass along your feedback to our product team. Hope you have a great day. Regards, Josh

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    Jennifer Foley

    Hi Amy,
    I felt the same way, and what I did was to set up my gift certificates to match my services.
    So when someone buys a gift certificate, they are buying a massage off my "menu"!!
    I like it because there is no extra cost associated as with giftcardcafe

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    Hi Jennifer, thanks for sharing your suggestions. If we can help in any way, please reach out to our support team at Thanks!

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