When gifts & packages are created, will it match it to an existing client record?

If you or the client uses the same client name and email address when a gift certificate or package is created that is already in your client list, the system should match it up with the client record. If you or the client don't include the email address and the full client name, the system will generally not make the match.

Specifically, when you are creating a voucher under the Sales tab, and you enter information in the "Purchaser" or "For" fields, if the first and last name (separated by a space) in the "Name" field AND the email address in the "Email" field match an existing client record, the system will attach the voucher to that client record with a "giftee" designation.

If the voucher is created as a gift and you enter information in the "From" fields, the system will also create a client record, or match to an existing client record per above, with a "gifter" designation.

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