Can I offer special deals to clients with gift certificates?

Yes, you sure can. 

Here are instructions for how to offer a special deal with a gift certificate. 

  • Go to Setup > Gifts & Packages.
  • Click on "Add gift certificate."
  • The field to the right of "New Gift Certificate" or the name of the gift certificate is the purchase price. This is the amount you want to charge the client. 
  • There is also a "Redemption Value" field. If you want to charge full price for the gift certificate, leave this field blank. If you want to sell a $50 gift certificate for $40, enter $40 in the purchase price field and $50 in the redemption price field. 
  • When clients purchase the $50 gift certificate for $40, they will be charged $40 but the redemption value of $50 will show up on their gift certificate. They would then be able to use this value to book any of your services. If the value of the gift certificate does not cover the price of the service they are trying to book, and you require the client to pay in advance, they will have to pay the remaining balance with a credit card to secure the appointment.

The below image is an example of a $50 gift certificate that you want to sell to a client for $40. 

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