How do I invoice a customer to pay later?

If you want to invoice a customer to pay later, you can process this in Full Slate as follows:

  • Click on the appointment on the Schedule tab and click the Checkout button.
  • Under ‘Payment method’, select ‘Pay later’.
  • Select the ‘Terms’ you want to show on the invoice. Options include ‘Due on receipt’, ‘Net 15’, ‘Net 30’ and ‘Net 60’. If you have a custom "Term" setup in QuickBooks Online, this will sync into Full Slate. (ie: 'Net 45')
  • Include sales tax and discounts, if applicable, and then click ‘Save’.
  • On the next page, choose to send the Invoice to the client or click ‘Close’ if you do not want to send the client a receipt.
  • The transaction will be recorded in Accounts Receivable in QuickBooks Online. If you later receive payment from the client, you can access the invoice under that client’s profile in QuickBooks Online, click ‘Receive payment’ and record it from there.

Please note that if you use Intuit Payment Network (IPN), (, this payment option will not show on the invoice sent through Full Slate. You can, however, choose to not send the invoice through Full Slate, and after the transaction syncs to QuickBooks Online, go to the client’s profile under the Customers tab in QuickBooks Online and ‘Send’ the invoice from the drop-down on the right side of the page. The IPN payment option will be presented on this invoice.


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