How do I take payment by credit card?

First, if you haven’t already set up client payments, go to Setup > Client Payments and set up your Stripe, PayPal, or PayPal Payflow integration. Please go here for more on client payments.

Please note that if you use PayPal Checkout Express, this offering only supports client payments at time of booking. As such, is it not possible to internally process a credit card via the Checkout feature if you have PayPal Checkout Express. If being able to fully checkout a client with payment by credit card is important for your business, you might consider Stripe. 

To process a payment by credit card, follow these steps:

  • Click on the appointment on the Schedule tab and click the Checkout button.
  • Under ‘Payment method’, select ‘Credit card’.
  • Under ‘Deposit to’, select the account you want the payment to be recorded under in QuickBooks Online. Most likely you’ll want to select a sales account so that the payment will be recorded as revenue.
  • In the gray box in the middle of the page, enter the client’s credit card information including card number, expiration date, CVC (on the back of a MasterCard and Visa and on the front of an American Express) and billing address, depending on your settings under Setup > Client Payments.
  • Include sales tax and discounts, if applicable, and then click ‘Save’. This will then send the transaction to the processor for payment processing.
  • On the next page, choose to send the Sales Receipt to the client or click ‘Close’ if you do not want to send the client a receipt.





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