How do I redeem a gift certificate or package?

You can redeem an existing gift certificate or package during Checkout by clicking the arrow in the upper-right corner of the Checkout window or by clicking "Apply gift certificate or package" in the bottom-right corner. In the search field, you can search by voucher code, recipient name, recipient email, giver name and giver email. Please note the search results may not display some of that information, but you can search using any of those parameters. If you’re unsure which voucher to select, you can close Checkout and visit the Sales tab for further details.

The redemption amount will be equal to the amount owed at Checkout, up to the value available on the gift certificate or package. You can apply more than one voucher during Checkout; after applying the first one, search for the next voucher and apply it.

The voucher redemption will be presented on the Checkout screen, as well as the resulting Sales Receipt or Invoice, as a line item reducing the balance due. The voucher code will be included in the description.




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