Why have my event titles changed in Full Slate?

If you create a personal event in Full Slate called [Brunch with Mom at Java 11am Sunday], for example, and are synced with Google Calendar it's possible that the event title will be changed to "Brunch" and a new client by the name of "Mom" will be added to your client list. 

This type of behavior is due to the "Quick Add" feature that Google Calendar offers. More about that here. If you are synced with your Google Calendar, it's possible this could happen if you enter in event titles in ways that Google can read them. 

Full Slate is not able to change how Google Calendar interprets event titles we send to them, so the only way to avoid this from happening is to enter event titles in a way that makes it hard for the "Quick Add" feature to interpret (ie: not using words such as "with", "in", "on", and "at")

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