Why am I getting a blank screen upon log-in?

This can happen if you have an adblocker or antivirus program enabled on your computer, as they can sometime interfere with the ability for Full Slate to load properly. This often happens with the Firefox browser, although experiencing it on another browser is not unheard of.

We recommend trying the following troubleshooting steps: 

1. Access the adblocker or antivirus program in your browser or computer, and then add an exception for the Full Slate program. The link for our app is if you need to include that. With adblocker, for example, you can usually access that via the toolbar in your browser. 

2. If adding an exception to the adblocker or antivirus program does not do the trick, try disabling the program and reaching out to their support team for further troubleshooting. Once the adblocker or antivirus program is disabled, you should be able to access your Full Slate account.

If you have the popular antivirus program "Kaspersky" you can disable the "Safe Money" feature and then Full Slate should load again (once you refresh your page). For more on how to disable "Safe Money" in Kaspersky please take a look at their help article here.

If you have tried the above and are still experiencing log-in issues, please reach out to support via the link at the top right of the application.

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