Credit Card Capture or Card On File

One option your payment processor may offer is ‘Card on File’.

Full Slate offers 'credit card capture' so businesses can collect credit card information when you schedule appointments. This is intended to protect the business in the case of a “no call, no show”.  Each business will make clear their specific terms with regard to a cancellation policy.  When you enter your credit card number, we pass it straight to the payment processor for safekeeping. Full Slate never stores or exposes the full card number.

Each business using Full Slate that collects a credit card at the time of booking does so through one of our payment processing partners. Each of these partners has its own terms of service with regards to Card on File policies.  

This option is not available with accounts using Paypal as the payment processor. 

Click below for more information on this:

Square Link

Stripe Link

PayPal: Not an offered feature

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